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AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC/National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program


The AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC offers a group of highly acclaimed accreditation programs that have been relied on in the global scientific community for more than thirty years. Developed by and for the IH community, the legacy industrial hygiene programs received early endorsement and involvement of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Additionally, their lead programs meet stringent requirements established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program (NLLAP). AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC meet international program requirements established under ISO/IEC 17011.

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National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program

NVLAP - Lab Code 101646-0

The National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) provides third-party accreditation to testing and calibration laboratories. NVLAP's accreditation programs are established in response to Congressional mandates, administrative actions by the Federal Government, and requests from private-sector organizations and government agencies.

NVLAP operates an accreditation system that is compliant with ISO/IEC 17011, Conformity assessment — General requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies, which requires that the competence of applicant laboratories be assessed by the accreditation body against all of the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, General requirements.

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New York State Department of Health


The Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP) of the Wadsworth Center was established in 1984, under Section 502 of the Public Health Law and is responsible for the certification of laboratories performing environmental analyses on samples originating from New York State, thus ensuring the accuracy and reliability of these analyses. Accurate and reliable environmental analyses are a matter of vital concern, affecting the public health, safety and welfare of all NYS residents. All environmental laboratories analyzing samples from the State of New York must be certified.

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Connecticut Department of Health

Environmental Laboratory Certification

This program approves and/or certifies all environmental laboratories (private, municipal, and state operated) which test drinking water, sewage, solid waste, soil, air, food, and other environmental samples for bacteria, inorganics, organics, and radiochemicals. The authority for this function is found in the Connecticut General Statues Sections 19a-29a and 25-40 and Public Health Code Regulations 19-4-1; 19a-36-a25 through A33; and 19a-36-A57 through A63. CT DOH also enforce U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations for the laboratory testing of public drinking water, waste effluent and solid waste.

The Environmental Laboratory Certification Program mission is to promote the benchmark by which accurate, precise, and legally defensible analytical data is reported by the environmental laboratory industry for use in compliance and in accordance with federal and state law. This is accomplished by ensuring that environmental laboratories located in or doing business in CT meet all applicable EPA and CT standards.

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Occupational Safety and Health Programs

The Department of Labor Standards (DLS) Asbestos Program is responsible for the regulation of occupational asbestos exposure in the Commonwealth. The Program works with employers, employees, unions and state and local agencies to create healthier and safer work conditions for Massachusetts workers through site visits, analytical services, and technical information. The Program aids in the coordination of OSHA, EPA and Multi-State regulatory authorities along with the North Eastern U.S. States (CONES) in the common goal of protecting the public from long term damage from excessive asbestos exposure.

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Vermont Department of Health


The Vermont Department of Health works to protect the physical and environmental health of Vermonters from asbestos exposure, and to prevent public exposure to asbestos in workplaces, buildings and housing associated with asbestos abatement activity.

Through their Outreach Program they educate the public about state and federal asbestos laws. Through their Enforcement and Compliance Inspection Program they provide additional incentives to conduct renovation and demolition projects safely, and in compliance with regulations.

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Rhode Island Department of Health

What we do

To protect the public and ensure high-quality healthcare, the Department of Health licenses, certifies, and disciplines many Rhode Island professionals, facilities, and organizations. Many of these groups, such as doctors, nurses, hospitals, and nursing homes, provide direct healthcare services. Others, such as hairdressers, lead inspectors, public water systems, and restaurants, must take certain steps to protect the health of their clients or the environment.

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Maine Department of Environmental Protection


Legislative mandate directs DEP to prevent, abate and control the pollution of the air, water and land. The charge is to preserve, improve and prevent diminution of the natural environment of the State. The Department is also directed to protect and enhance the public's right to use and enjoy the State's natural resources. The Department administers programs, educates and makes regulatory decisions that contribute to the achievement of this mission.

In pursuing this mission, it is the policy of the Department to treat its employees and the public with courtesy, respect and consideration and to be fair and honest in its dealings, and to be mindful of the special qualities that make Maine a unique place to live and work.

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City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Public Health is to protect the health of all Philadelphians and to promote an environment that allows us to lead healthy lives. We provide services, set policies, and enforce laws that support the dignity of every man, woman and child in Philadelphia.

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